YouTube is My Guru

I have officially categorized myself as a “dabbler”. I’m not sure why, but every few months or so, I get the itch. I have a thought, about how I would like to learn how to do something new, and quickly, I escalate from questioning how, to full-blown obsession. I’m all in, or I don’t care about it at all. I guess this can be a strength or a weakness.

The Parade of Hobbies

One time it was cake decorating. I loved watching baking shows on TV, and Lord knows I love cake! It sounded like the thing for me! I knew nothing about decorating cakes, but I got on YouTube, and looked it up! Viola! I’m decorating cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, you name it. I even took a cake decorating class at Michael’s with my mom, and may have accidentally squirted icing in a lady’s hair. It’s kind of hazy. Until my mom reminds me of it once a year or so, because she thought it was hilarious.


Next, it was knitting. I thought, if I can learn this cake decorating stuff on YouTube, I bet there are videos about knitting too. It seemed like it would be relaxing. Before long, I was knitting up a storm, and channeling my inner Grandma.


Naturally, the next step after knitting, was quilting. Why you ask? Your guess is as good as mine!


All I know is, I have a kitchen full of cake decorating supplies, a tote bag full of yarn and needles, and a sewing machine collecting dust in my laundry room cabinet. I get the urge to learn something new, and watch out YouTube, momma needs a new hobby!

Using My Obsessive Personality For Good

You Get the point. I am a firm believer, that if there’s something that you’re interested in learning how to do, you can learn it on YouTube. From cake decorating, to breastfeeding, to flexible dieting. Trust me, it’s on the Tube.

I had heard of flexible dieting before, years ago, and even had a friend make me a meal plan to try it out. But soon after starting to date my husband, I basically just said screw it and went wild with fast food, when and wherever I felt like it. That’s what you do when you’re falling in love I guess. Haha.

When we started dating, I was hovering around 160 pounds. A year later, after we had were married and decided to have a baby, I had ballooned up to 225, and when my youngest little angel was born, I was tipping the scales at 247 big ones.

So after I delivered Tyson, and life settled down a bit, I decided it was time to get my postpartum booty in gear. I started making small changes here and there. Dropping weight slowly, while still trying to breastfeed.

I dabbled (because I’m a dabbler), in different eating styles, and even tried to do the vegan thing for a couple of months after watching too many food documentaries on Netflix. Which is hilarious to me now, knowing how much meat and cheese I eat on a daily basis.

Finally, I decided to do the thing that may not be the easiest, but what I knew would work the best for me long term, if I could figure out how to do it for myself. I knew this was a methodical way of eating that people in the fitness industry had been using for decades. I had just been putting off learning it because it seemed so complicated. So many numbers and calculations.

Who did I turn to? Ol’ Faithful, the Tube. I binge watched so much YouTube, scouring the inter webs for flexible dieting info.

Not Just a Hobby

Here I am, 107 pounds lighter, the lightest I’ve ever been in my adult life. I’ve learned how to eat, how to get my mindset right around weight loss, and I’ve found a gym routine that I love and crave doing. I finally found a “hobby” that I love and have stuck with for way longer than any other, which in itself is still mind-blowing to me. You don’t have to buy anything to learn. I learned by investing my time. While the baby was taking a nap, after the kids went to sleep at night, I was a sponge, soaking up everything I could find about flexible dieting, and later about strength training.img_7048

Maybe most importantly, I didn’t learn everything about flexible dieting before I started implementing it. It was a learning process. I took “messy action”, refining and tweaking my macros and my meals as I learned and figured out what worked best for me and my body. Invest in yourself, and your knowledge. It can seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll be doing so much for yourself in the long-term, than any pill or fad diet could do in the short-term.

Published by

Melissa Everett

I’m Melissa 👋🏻. I’m a working mom, who fell into the wormhole of YouTube and lost 112 lbs naturally, using flexible dieting. My goal is to teach others to do the same ☺️

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